Wealth Consciousness for Women: Take the Leap Now

As a business coach for women, I talk with a lot of entrepreneurs who have clear plans in place. Often, these plans include something like, I’ll take this leap when I have all my ducks in a row, or when I’ve got XYZ in place, or when I’ve got so many dollars in the bank.

I’m writing to tell you to take the leap now. Continue reading

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Your Money Back Guarantee: Rethink the Relationship between Time & Money

time and moneyWhen I was preparing for my Transformation in Tuscany last fall, I talked to a lot of women who were interested in joining me. One of the women said something that really struck me, really got me thinking about the relationship between time and money (which so many of us take for granted!), so I thought I’d share it with you.

She said to me, I’d really like to join you in Tuscany, but I just can’t afford it right now. But I’ll definitely go next time. And I was thinking, next time? There might not be a next time! Continue reading

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Tips from the Success Coach: Take Care of Yourself NOW!

take careHow often have you passed up on a trip to the spa or skimped on sleep or put off investing in a new outfit until you could afford it? How many times have you been so drawn to some accessory or longed to go on a retreat or to a conference, or even out to dinner with a group of friends, but decided not to because of money?

We’ve all done this. We all do this. And I’m writing today with a really counter intuitive wealth consciousness secret that I think women entrepreneurs need to start accepting if they’re serious about up-leveling and growing their businesses and their lives in a big way.

So what’s the big secret? You have to take care of yourself. Now. Continue reading

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Gina DeVee Success Secrets: Don’t Let Being Nice Kill Your Business

ms nice girlFor some reason, a lot of women have trouble saying “no.” We have trouble saying “yes” to the fun stuff and “no” when we’re really too busy to take on one more thing, right? It’s because little girls in our society are socialized to be nice. We’re taught that being nice is about the most important thing—more important than being wealthy or relaxed or happy.

But being nice is about making other people happy, it’s about putting everyone else before yourself.

And I have to say, while there is certainly a time and a place for being nice, doing business like a Queen is not about niceness. In fact, being nice can kill your business if you let it. In order to truly live the Queen lifestyle, you have to awaken to the truth of your voice, to the integrity of your vision and your heart’s desires, whatever they may be.

You have to say “no” when you really are too busy for someone. As a success coach for women, sometimes I just have to help my clients learn to say “no” without feeling guilty about it. Because really, saying “no” when you can’t do something is freeing for everyone involved, right?

You’re free from the burden of one more task you don’t have time for, and whoever asked you is free to find someone who can devote the time and energy and attention to that task that it deserves. Everyone wins.

So that’s what I’m talking about when I say forget about being nice. Be honest instead. Because in honesty, things can unfold as they’re meant to be.

At its heart, I think this is a lesson in wealth consciousness: being nice at the expense of our own interests tends to lead toward diminished wealth. Being honest, even when it means not being nice, tends to lead toward increased wealth.

For example, if you’re raising your prices and one of your clients can’t afford to pay the new price, you can either be nice and keep her on at the old price, or you can be honest and recognize that you have outgrown each other. That move can be scary: what if you don’t find a new client to fill the gap? What if she can’t afford you because you didn’t help her enough?

But living like a Queen means having confidence in your decisions. It means, of course, taking the time to educate yourself before making any major decisions, but it also means sticking by those decisions, even if that means you’ll have to sacrifice being nice to someone.

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Living the Esther Experience: Are You Limiting the Divine with Judgments?

unlimitedOne reason I love Esther’s story so much is because it’s so rich with lessons for contemporary women entrepreneurs. Today I wanted to write about how truly living the Esther experience requires us to stop our judging so we can let the divine do its work.

So many of the women I work with know on one level that they’re smart or they’re good at what they do or they have the systems in place that will let their businesses succeed. But for one reason or another, they’re not succeeding. Or they’re stuck in a rut, not seeing the up-leveling that they want in their lives.

And very often, when I work with these women, we discover that the only thing holding them back is themselves.

I know that may sound too good to be true, or too easy to be true, because most of us are thinking, “I know that I cannot be the one holding me back, because I want this more than anything.” And that’s probably true on the conscious level. But any good coaching program needs to go to the unconscious level and figure out what kinds of judgments and prejudgments you’re making that affect your outcomes.

For example, you might be unconsciously assuming that there is not enough money out there for you to live in abundance. Or you may think that the clients you’re meant to work with don’t have enough money to pay the rates you know you’re worth. Maybe you believe that your email list is unresponsive or that you just don’t have the knack for online marketing.

But these are all damaging judgments! Doing business like a Queen demands a very high frequency, a mindset that focuses on solutions rather than limitations. Maintaining your Queenly nature demands that you believe in the value of your skills and in the presence of the people who need, want, and can afford your services.

Some women I work with think I’m asking them to delude themselves at first. But then they start to see how extremely powerful their judgments are, how they themselves hold this unbelievable power that they were using to push away so much of what they wanted.

So let’s try to stop assuming we understand the world and “the way things are.” Let’s allow the divine to bless us with abundance and wealth and ideal clients. Let’s stop trying to limit the universe!

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Tips from the Success Coach: New Doesn’t Always Mean Different

making changesI write on here a lot about making changes, seeing new places, taking leaps, trying new things. And I want to clarify something about what I mean by “new.” For entrepreneurs, “new” doesn’t always need to mean “different.

In business coaching for women, I often see clients who try one thing and find it doesn’t work, so they try something else, which doesn’t work, so they try something else, and so on. And they come to me because they’re worried that they are failures or that they aren’t capable of achieving their big dreams.

And what often needs to happen is not trying something completely new, but going more deeply into something they’ve already tried—accessing a new level of depth, approaching the same system from a new angle, with new strategies and structures in place.

The problem is that many of us get very nervous, we have a small budget or we need proof right away that our business will be a success, and if what we’re doing isn’t producing results in the short term, we see a shiny new method and abandon all our hard work to try that. And we end up being scattered all over the place, without the focus and depth that we need to trigger long-term, sustainable success.

Let me try to explain this in terms of doing business like a Queen: the Queen archetype is a masterful blend of the masculine and the feminine. That means a blend of action and contemplation. A blend of the actual and the possible.

In the masculine-centric world of business, action is often emphasized over anything else: if something’s not working, do something else. But really what many of us need is to sit back, contemplate what isn’t working, make sure we’ve got our mindset where it needs to be, make sure we’re doing our mantras and our meditation, and then all of a sudden: poof. There’s the solution.

So here’s today’s success secret: if what you’re doing isn’t working, try something new. But don’t necessarily try something different. Think deep, not broad.

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Business Coaching for Women: Have Your Created a Job for Yourself?

Created JobI’ve written in the past about breaking free from our family stories  that relate to money and relationships. Today I want to approach this topic from a different angle: are you stuck inside someone else’s story regarding work?

A big part of business coaching for women, I’ve found, involves helping women understand that “business” doesn’t have to be synonymous with “job.” Because as badly as most of us want to live a life of financial abundance and freedom, as much as we want to do work we love so we’ll never have to have a “job” again, many of us end up creating jobs for ourselves.

What I mean by that is that we let ourselves play small in our businesses. We don’t take leaps and we end up working with (or chasing after!) small clients who can hardly afford us, and we have to really fight for every dollar that comes in, and it’s hard.

So I encourage you to take some time to be really honest with yourself and decide whether the business you’ve created has turned into a job. If it has, it’s time to reevaluate.

I know that I’m lucky and blessed to have a business that lets me travel on the Divine Living World Tour and through events like Transformation in Tuscany. But I didn’t get to this place without taking some major leaps—investing in coaches, mentors, programs, doing some serious mindset work, planning for the long-term and the short term.

In order to ensure that the work you do doesn’t turn into a job, you have to be determined not to live life as usual. You have to be passionate about living, creating, integrating your business and your life, so that you aren’t working all the time—because believe me, your work will expand to fill whatever time you let it.

Here’s your challenge, straight from the success coach: set aside time every day this week to plan for your dream life. If your dream life includes working with clients abroad, start researching the countries that interest you. If your dream life includes traveling the country as a paid speaker, start writing notes for the talks you’ll give.

That may mean you’ll have to spend less time on other “work.” But if you don’t invest that time now, you’ll be “working” indefinitely. Because your divine life won’t happen by accident. You have got to be so ready for it, waiting with open arms for when the time is right for it to arrive.

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Up-Level Your Wealth Consciousness by Stepping into the Energy You Need

One reason I’m so grateful to live a life that lets me travel the world is that I am always just blown away by how different the energy is in different cities and countries. Like, when I was in Italy for the Transformation in Tuscany, you could almost feel the spirit of the Renaissance in the air and the buildings. And every place in the world has its own energy, its own unique inspiration you feel when you stay there.

But I think it’s easy to forget this. In coaching programs, I see a lot of women who still view travel as a luxury, as something they tell themselves they’ll do “when they have the money,” or when they reach a certain place in their business, when in fact what they need to reach the next level is an injection of energy that they can only get by traveling somewhere new.

It is entirely possible to get in a location rut, an energy rut, just by being in the same place and doing the same things every day.

So I’m going to issue a challenge: I want you to try to up-level your wealth consciousness by traveling. Go to a new place and let yourself really feel the energy there, go out to eat and walk around and talk to people and absorb the intangible gifts that that place has to offer you.

Because what happens when we go to new places is that we’re forced to look at things. In our own lives, we’ve seen everything so often it kind of blends into the background, we keep doing the same old routines (in our businesses and in our personal routines), and we don’t even realize that we’re holding ourselves back or we don’t see an opportunity that’s right in front of us.

The next two stops on the Divine Living World Tour], New York and London, have incredible (very different!) energies. That’s one reason I chose those cities, because I think it’s hard to go there and not feel their power, to not let that power positively impact you and your business.

So ladies, please: put travel in your budget. Give yourself a chance to step into the energy that will let you transform yourself!

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Gina DeVee Success Secrets: Stand and Expand into Your Yes

Expand Into YesWhen we talk about taking a leap to the next level of your business, there’s this understanding that the leap is not going to be easy—it’s going to take a little something extra, but it will be worthwhile because it takes you to an amazing new place.

As a success coach, I’ve found that most women have one of three reactions to taking leaps: they might be scared but leap anyway, or they’re scared and excited and they leap, or they’re scared and they don’t leap. Obviously, the last one in that group usually turns out the worst in the long run, because what happens when you don’t take those leaps is that you remain small.

But when you do take the leap, you get to expand, to grow, to stand up and allow yourself to be the best version of you.

And this isn’t just a problem for women who are struggling to pay the bills every month. I still have to remind myself and coax myself to take leaps—it can still be unnerving, even at this phase of my career.

For example, when I got back to L.A. after the Transformation in Tuscany, I’d just been in Italy and England for several weeks, and I was kind of like, okay. It’s time to get back into work mode, but then David Neagle invited me to spend some time with him in Naples, so of course I went. And then I was really feeling the pull of “getting down to business,” you know? Like I still have this mindset that only certain types of “work” will nurture my business.

But then I had an event in Napa, and Glenn booked several extra days on the trip, so we could visit restaurants and explore different types of food and wine—and again, I felt as if I was neglecting my business.

But of course, what was really happening is that I was expanding. Luckily, I said yes to all this. And I learned so much about food and cooking, which are absolute passions for me, and I realized that I was really compartmentalizing my life, trying to separate food from business from femininity from connecting with people.

And I realized that all these elements can be a part of my business, that there doesn’t have to be lines between “work” and “play.” That’s just not the reality I have to live—and it’s not the reality that any of us has to live. And getting to that place is part of the divine living we’re all aspiring for.


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Business Coaching for Women: Be the Most Attractive Version of Yourself

Transformation in TuscanyWe entrepreneurs talk a lot about attraction—we want to attract clients, attract success, and attract abundance and joy into our lives. So I wanted to write today about becoming the most attractive version of yourself, in the sense of getting to the higher frequency that will allow you to just attract good things into your life.

So let me share a story: when I traveled to Italy last fall for the Transformation in Tuscany, I came home to find that I had all these new friends on Facebook—I’d passed the 3,000 mark, which was a milestone for me. And while I was planning the trip, I hadn’t even thought of it as something that would launch me to a new level—at the time, that trip was the level I had achieved, that program was the “new level” I’d been aiming for.

But, being a success coach, I realized that of course I’d gotten more followers, more exposure. Because during Transformation in Tuscany, I was being my true, happiest self. I was not only helping the amazing women in attendance raise their frequencies, but I was raising my own frequency. I was, in other words, being the most attractive version of myself, the version of myself who hosts attractive international events in attractive locales.

So it was very eye-opening.

But let me also say that the Transformation in Tuscany had the effect it did because I had all the structures in place already. I had enough visibility that people were seeing the videos we posted and the pictures and realizing how powerful business coaching for women can be.

If I had tried to pull off something like that without those structures in place, it would have been like pouring water without having a glass. All that energy would have just seeped into the ether and its impact would have been seriously diminished.

What I’m trying to say is that this idea of attraction is not quite so nebulous as it may seem. As you work toward being your most attractive self, as you build your online empire or master the art of sales or expand onto a global market, make sure you’re doing the things that attract people to you, but make sure also that you have the containers to “hold” those people—that you have a way to channel all the interest and energy you attract.

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